The Taylor Brand


The Taylor Brand Overview

The Taylor / Lewis Family History captures the early '20s and '30s when Lem Taylor owned the 160 acres of land, and agreeing to sell it to the Federal Government for the CCC Camp. It also focuses on the family values, expectation, the purchase of new land and dividing it equally among each child. The History stresses the family constellations and make-up. It also reflects Parenting techniques. It shows vivid pictures of how life was in the old days ('20s, '30s and'40s) -- Lem's role in the Church and his involvement in the community. It identified health / medical issues in the family. The Taylor / Lewis family history also focuses on the tragedies within the family, and the reunions that kept them connected. A Salute to all the surviving siblings: Marie Taylor, Gatisy Taylor-Edney, L T Taylor and Vivian Lavon Taylor-Jones. "May God Continue To Bless Each and Every One of You."

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